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New risks and trends in the safety and health of women at work

Safety Wellbeing

Is the situation in Australia and New Zealand similar to the European experience with women’s occupational health? What do you think?

The European Agency for OHS has recently released a paper on emerging occupational risk for women. Although across the board accident rates have fallen the impacts of work on the health of women is on the rise.

Research from the European Commission illustrates women still account for a significant proportion of all cases of occupational ill health, including allergies (45 %), infectious illnesses (61 %), neurological complaints (55 %) and hepatic and dermatological complaints (48 %). It is reported that this has not changed since the last report in 1995.

Risks such as occupational violence, stress, bullying and harassment are on the rise. It is identified that this is particularly evident in the social services, retail health and catering industries with MSD’s also identified as being a significant risk for women. The full report can be found here

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