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Free Safety Review

Free Safety Review

Is your business safety compliant?

Are you confused about safety laws?

As a Manager in your organisation, you have responsibilities that are placed upon you to manage health and safety in your business.

At Safety Management Solutions we can help you with all of your safety needs so use the following checklist to assess whether you are taking the minimum steps to manage these safety requirements:

  • DO YOU KNOW about the laws that relate to work health and safety in your business? 
  • IS YOUR system legally compliant? 
  • HAVE YOU IDENTIFIED the ‘Officers’ in your organisation and do they understand their obligations?
  • DO YOU HAVE a Safety Management System and is it legally compliant?
  • DO YOU UNDERSTAND the hazards and risks associated with conducting your business operations?
  • HAVE YOU GOT the right processes, people and controls in place to manage operational hazards?
  • ARE SYSTEMS IN PLACE to check that your WHS systems are functioning effectively and hazards are controlled?
  • DO YOU RECEIVE up to date information relating to health and safety to enable you to make decisions about hazard control or legal compliance?

If you answered ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ to any of these questions, then call us now or complete the online form to receive a free preliminary safety review and confirm the correct answers to these questions.

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